We Love You to Pizzas

Reopened after 20 years !

The Beiswanger family owned and operated during the 80’s & 90’s. Almost all of the family siblings worked at a’Roma Pizza at some point. Shaun Beiswanger was the youngest and last of his siblings to manage and operate the small family business. He managed during high school with his long time childhood friend Bruce Ryan. With graduation coming near there was nobody left in the family to step forward and manage the family business. So ultimately a’Roma Pizza was closed.

For many years after Bruce & Shaun had considered if they should try to reopen a’Roma. However both were creating their own families and it just wasn’t an option. Finally 10 years later when Caliente moved out the opportunity again presented itself. Now 20 years later a’Roma Pizza is reopened using the same recipes. This family restaurant has become a local area staple. Founded in 1965 there are several generations of families that frequented this little pizza shop. With a range of Italian dishes of both classic and modern traditions, starting with pizzas, sausage rolls, & grinders.

Thing We Are Known For


This simple, yet an all-time favorite Italian dish is what we love the most! We offer a thin crust variety of pizza in 3 size options – Small, Medium, Large !

Sausage Rolls

Despite being a Pizza place first and foremost, we are known for our fine ground mild sausage ! Starting with ground pork purchased from local butchers


The French say that their bread is the best and we do not disagree ! We have been making Grinders our way for 50 years, Capocollo & Salami w/ Cheese.


  • Awesome sausage roll! So happy they are back baking up some of the best Italian in the Fort.

    June Hoffman Avatar June Hoffman

    was always great food, great people, with excellent service...I'm looking forward to seeing you guys once a week for the... read more

    Jeremy Vorndran Avatar Jeremy Vorndran

    You don’t know how often I have craved those finders over the years! I KNOW WHATS FOR DINNER!!! Hope you... read more

    Lisa Ann Parker Avatar Lisa Ann Parker

    Lovely, historic, family-run business dedicated to the '05. Not only worked there many years ago, but am now thrilled... read more

    Robin Roady Avatar Robin Roady
  • the sausage roll and the pizza were the best! So glad to have them back! Diane & Jerry Burch

    Diane Burch Avatar Diane Burch

    great pizza. tons of ingredients. fantastic employees and incredibly reasonable prices. such a delicious and awesome experience. I... read more

    Joseph John Aguirre Avatar Joseph John Aguirre

    If I was on Death Row, My Last Request would be a Italian Grinder from this Place. Best Ever!

    Paul Mittermaier Avatar Paul Mittermaier

    Best pizza I have ever eaten!!

    Dorraine Emery Avatar Dorraine Emery
  • Wonderful people, great food, and a benefit to the neighborhood.

    Chad Seewald Avatar Chad Seewald

    Our pizza and sausage roll was delish!!

    Angie Glassey Avatar Angie Glassey

    Used the online ordering and will continue to do so to help with wait time!!!

    Very friendly staff and good pizza!

    Rob Mcinturf Avatar Rob Mcinturf

    Love their pizza! Pepperoni and sausage is the best

    Teri Sliger Avatar Teri Sliger
  • Just got my first pizza since I was in high school. Even better than I remember! One of the best... read more

    Scott Myers Avatar Scott Myers

    New “old” favorite in the ‘05! Love the story behind this place. And it’s delicious!

    Heather Reynolds Avatar Heather Reynolds

    5 star ratingI had noticed this place reopening thru FB, and was anxious to try it out.  They did not disappoint, our... read more

    Angie G. Avatar Angie G.

    well I order a large supreme pizza.

    An I was very impressed with the portions on the pizza itself.Lots of cheeses... read more

    John Ryan Avatar John Ryan
  • I am so happy they are back. We had the original sausage and original pepperoni. Can’t wait to get the... read more

    Eric Beuchel Avatar Eric Beuchel

    Really enjoyed the sneak peak tonight! Grinder and Stromboli are amazing! Can't wait for official opening to be back for more!

    Eric Zent Avatar Eric Zent

    We just got our first Aroma this time around! Awesome! it's exactly the same ❤❤❤

    We are glad you are back!

    Shelly Huneck Avatar Shelly Huneck

    Love the pizza and friendly staff. Will be going back for more!

    mary kilmer Avatar mary kilmer