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A Fort Wayne Tradition

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Welcome to á Roma Pizza!

Our family restaurant

Founded in 1965 and we have owned it since the 80’s. This little pizza place became a local area staple. We still make our own signature sausage for our Original Sausage Rolls, if you drive down East State during the day you will remember the fragrance. Now we have an amazing range of Italian dishes of both classic and modern traditions, starting with pizzas and grinders and all the way to chicken alfredo, our menu stands out! Our family has a lot of pride in all the memories shared at á Roma and looking forward to making many more. Thank you everyone for your support, this labor of love and community is why we are back !


  • So good! The grinders are just like my childhood. Well done!

    Sheri Romine Rouse Avatar
    Sheri Romine Rouse

    5 star ratingI LOVE this place! For pizza and for sausage rolls the best. I always get delivery and always add... read more

    Cindi R. Avatar
    Cindi R.

    Love their pizza! Pepperoni and sausage is the best

    Teri Sliger Avatar
    Teri Sliger

    So yummy and my food was ready for pick up right when they said it would be!!

    Cheyenne F. Moss Avatar
    Cheyenne F. Moss
  • 5 star ratingGrowing up on a'Roma Pizza I set the bar high when I ordered a Stromboli & ham & cheese during... read more

    Marti T. Avatar
    Marti T.

    We just had sausage roll and ham cheese ,it was outstanding! Thanks Bruce!

    Aleida Szczepanski Dennison Avatar
    Aleida Szczepanski Dennison

    Best pizza in town...by far!

    Mason Charais Avatar
    Mason Charais

    Ordered during their test run, sandwiches were amazing!!! Keep it up!

    Emily Garrett Avatar
    Emily Garrett
  • My new favorite pizza in Fort Wayne is my old favorite pizza. a'Roma - so glad theyre back in business.... read more

    George Wilson Avatar
    George Wilson

    Great food, just straight up good. You won’t be disappointed

    Hunter Zeigler Avatar
    Hunter Zeigler

    Pizza and sausage rolls are awesome. Looking forward to experiencing them again. And trying the new menu items! And... read more

    Barb Sturges Avatar
    Barb Sturges

    5 star ratingBest. Sausage. Roll. EVER! Pizza is amazing too! It's true what they say, big things come in small packages!

    Jessica C. Avatar
    Jessica C.
  • 5 star ratingSuch a great place...please go local! In a town filled with crappy chain pizza joints, this little gem is definitely worth visiting. The original restaurant was... read more

    Greg D Avatar
    Greg D

    Amazing pizza! The dough knots were delicious! We will definitely be regulars! Can't wait to try everything else!

    Jennifer Hiss Avatar
    Jennifer Hiss

    This pizza was outstanding! The manager spoke to me while I waited and was pretty cool. The only downside is... read more

    Mel Clark Avatar
    Mel Clark

    Omg pizza is so good!!

    Ryan Wass Avatar
    Ryan Wass
  • The best pizza in town, they use the freshest ingredients. Always pleased when I eat there.

    Travis Farrell Avatar
    Travis Farrell

    excellent pizza and wings!!

    Leanne Swick Avatar
    Leanne Swick

    wonderful pizza!! return trip coming

    Steven Hattaway Avatar
    Steven Hattaway

    It was really good . Plus online ordering and texted progressive of the pizza. The pizza delivery was fast also... read more

    Kevin Roulette Avatar
    Kevin Roulette

The Original Favorites

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Everything Pizza
overloaded with toppings
Sausage Roll
our finely ground mild sausage
Italian Grinder
just a little spicey

Classic & Modern Dishes

traditional recipes 

When we were composing the menu for our restaurant, we decided to put an emphasis on a balanced combination of old and new. So, we are adding our Original á Roma recipes to some traditional Italian dishes with some experimental recipes.

a'Roma Pizza

1123 East State Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46805

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday,
11:00am – 10:00pm