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Three-Peat for a’Roma Pizza as Best Pizza

Voted Best Pizza in Fort Wayne 2021, 2020, 2019

As a fan of the two-time 3-Peat champion Chicago Bulls team of the 1990s, a’Roma Pizza owner Shaun Beiswanger is ecstatic about winning the Readers’ Choice Best Pizza award for a third straight year. “We always thought we were the Little Caesars of the ‘90s,” he said. “Dominos and Pizza Hut were the fancy pizza. And now full circle, 20 years later, and people prefer real [traditional] pizza.” Beiswanger attended North Side High School in the late 1990s, coincidently around the time when the family owned spot, a few blocks from the school, closed for business. When it reopened in 2018, it was still a family business, even for the employees who weren’t directly related.

Beiswanger learned how to make pizzas at age seven, the same age that his oldest daughter was when they reopened. It takes up to 10 minutes to make an a’Roma pizza topped with fresh ingredients including the sausage they make themselves from local ground pork. Their staples, like their Original Pepperoni and their Everything Pizza (like a Supreme), have been augmented by new selections their fans requested. They do Italian grinders and rolls, chicken wings and salads. a’Roma Pizza, suited for delivery and pick-up orders, was equipped to endure the pandemic. The shop was able to excel during the COVID crisis because of the visibility from their charity work, Beiswanger said. His mom and former a’Roma owner worked with troubled kids at Parkview, Charter Beacon, and Park Center; she adopted and fostered dozens of kids. During the pandemic, the charitable-minded a’Roma provided PPE and donated pizza to Lutheran Villages, Parkview, Nursing Homes, and the VA hospital. The shop’s Pie-It-Forward program (pay $10 for a single-topping large pizza to pay-it-forward) ran successfully for two months.

On the 20th Anniversary of 9/11, a’Roma Pizza served first responders at Station 15 from their food truck and others at their store. a’Roma’s most successful addition is their food truck. Orders and event schedules are available on their Facebook page. A text message is sent when your selection gets placed in the oven. “It’s a learning curve for us because we do [the restaurant] really well,” he said. Beiswanger has charitable plans for the pizza truck, of course. For information on booking the food truck visit their Facebook page.

Thing We Are Known For


This simple, yet an all-time favorite Italian dish is what we love the most! We offer a thin crust variety of pizza in 3 size options – Small, Medium, Large !

Sausage Rolls

Despite being a Pizza place first and foremost, we are known for our fine ground mild sausage ! Starting with ground pork purchased from local butchers


The French say that their bread is the best and we do not disagree ! We have been making Grinders our way for 50 years, Capocollo & Salami w/ Cheese.


  • best pizza in Ft Wayne. Always fresh and delicious

    chris ray Avatar
    chris ray

    Amazing pizza! The dough knots were delicious! We will definitely be regulars! Can't wait to try everything else!

    Jennifer Nicole Allen Avatar
    Jennifer Nicole Allen

    Food was great and loved the online ordering ability

    Cindy Brown Avatar
    Cindy Brown

    5 star ratingThey pile on the toppings. The sausage is great and isn't greasy. It's a thin crust, good sauce,... read more

    john a. Avatar
    john a.
  • Best pizza in Fort Wayne!!

    Oscar Gauna Avatar
    Oscar Gauna

    Ordered carry out here today. I've been on a kick of trying local pizza places. We ordered a medium cheese... read more

    Alex Riggers Avatar
    Alex Riggers

    She did a great job, you deserve an accolades on this Mrs Katherine Lawrence can't explain myself right now, what... read more

    Osinaike Bolaji Avatar
    Osinaike Bolaji

    4 star ratingPizza was pricey for the 12 inch everything pizza, but flavor was great. We asked for square cut and did... read more

    Lu-b A. Avatar
    Lu-b A.
  • A shout out to these guys!! Great food & worth the drive!! They texted me when my order was in... read more

    John M Hogan Avatar
    John M Hogan

    World’s greatest sausage rolls, and top-notch people.

    Paul Quigley Avatar
    Paul Quigley

    We ordered a grinder, a stromboli and a large sausage and pepperoni pizza. The grinder was awesome!! My wife had... read more

    Jobey Bradtmueller Avatar
    Jobey Bradtmueller

    still the best !!! This brings back memories! I shared and everyone loved the pizza, grinder. and stromboli !!!

    Tracy Shepherd-Heathman Avatar
    Tracy Shepherd-Heathman
  • 5 star ratingTheir pizza is absolutely loaded with pepperoni's, the size is great and perfect amount of cheese.

    Chris L. Avatar
    Chris L.

    I can't wait until opening day comes you can count on me being there.

    Lopaka Radona Avatar
    Lopaka Radona

    5 star ratingTaco Pizza, Just what the doctor ordered.

    A house divided can be unified with this pie!

    Lance M. Avatar
    Lance M.

    This is the best pizza I have had so far here in Fort Wayne! When the pizza was delivered it... read more

    Kayla Smith Avatar
    Kayla Smith