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This simple, yet an all-time favorite Italian dish is what we love the most! We offer a thin crust variety of pizza in 3 size options – Small, Medium, Large !

Sausage Rolls

Despite being a Pizza place first and foremost, we are known for our fine ground mild sausage ! Starting with ground pork purchased from local butchers


The French say that their bread is the best and we do not disagree ! We have been making Grinders our way for 50 years, Capocollo & Salami w/ Cheese.


  • We just had sausage roll and ham cheese ,it was outstanding! Thanks Bruce!

    Aleida Szczepanski Dennison Avatar
    Aleida Szczepanski Dennison

    LOVE this place! Amazing food AND amazing staff 💗

    Jamie Morse Avatar
    Jamie Morse

    5 star ratingHands down best pizza and grinders in Fort Wayne! Always loaded with ingredients and hot. Voted #1
    Pizza in Fort Wayne

    Scott H. Avatar
    Scott H.

    Best pizza in Ft Wayne. Love this place. Staff here is AMAZING they are very polite and... read more

    Crystal Hart Avatar
    Crystal Hart
  • 5 star ratingIT’S BAAAACK! When my hubby was a single guy back in the late ‘70s, he lived very near A’Roma Pizza. It was... read more


    The taco pizza is absolutely amazing AND the cold toppings come separate-great for getting to your destination!
    The sausage roll is...
    read more

    Carrie Miller Avatar
    Carrie Miller

    5 star ratingExcellent pizza, wonderful crust and plenty of toppings. Mostly a takeout place but they do have a couple of tables there.

    Linda S. Avatar
    Linda S.

    5 star ratingGrowing up on a'Roma Pizza I set the bar high when I ordered a Stromboli & ham & cheese during... read more

    Marti T. Avatar
    Marti T.
  • A'Roma Pizza is back! Delicious classics mixed with new favorites. You can not go wrong with anything on the menu.... read more

    Jake Farris Avatar
    Jake Farris

    Simply delicious, there's something about locally owned places that have that special something that conglomerates lack. a'Roma definitely has... read more

    Adam Haynie Avatar
    Adam Haynie

    Fresh ingredients and good price! We tried the sausage roll, grinder and the pizza! It was ALL delicious!... read more

    Donna Ray Avatar
    Donna Ray

    Fantastic pizza, one of Fort Wayne's best. The OG pepperoni is fantastic!

    Dustin Hunter Avatar
    Dustin Hunter
  • Love it ❤️ Tastes Wonderful !!! Best pizza ever !!!

    Cheri Whitaker Avatar
    Cheri Whitaker

    Never disappoints! Shout out to your pie makers! I’ve tried the Cauliflower crust and was impressed! My neighbor and I... read more

    Natalia Harworth Avatar
    Natalia Harworth

    5 star ratingTaco Pizza, Just what the doctor ordered.

    A house divided can be unified with this pie!

    Lance M. Avatar
    Lance M.

    I've been wanting to order from A'Roma for the longest time so I finally did last night. My expectations were... read more

    Michael Hartman Avatar
    Michael Hartman